About us

We are a company committed to providing spare parts of home appliances, for improving the quality of life. In household products, we want to make everyone’s life more convenient, healthy and environmentally friendly.

On this website, you can find all kinds of spare parts for your appliance, and also something others use in your life. We will continue to develop more great products to help you and your family create a more comfortable and livable home…

Core Values

The current business provides home appliances accessories quickly for everyone in UK, to extend the life of your old machine.

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High quality & Fast delivery

Our products are of high quality and standard, suitable for replacement of home appliance parts. And we have the warehouse in Leicester, it help to reduce shipping time and let you receive goods quickly.


our team

Our team

We are a young team, but is serving many countries around the world, focus on products and services in the home furnishing field.

We have many years of experience in operating Amazon, eBay, and other website stores, ensure that we can give you perfect service

Products Assure

We have a mature industrial chain and have a vast market. We only provide good products and services.
We will gradually expand more business, provide more novel and practical products for consumers.

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Wavehouse in  LE671LD, Leicester, England

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