Vacuum Dust bag for Festool CT/CTL/CTM 26


Vacuum Dust bag for Festool CT/CTL/CTM 26 Dust Extractors, 496187, Philips FC9190/01, FC9190/01 PerformerPro, FC8723, FC8723 Performer Expert, Protool VCP 260 E-L AC, 260 E-M AC

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  • High-quality cloth filter bag, captures particles down to five microns in size and acts as a pre-filter.
  • An integrated flap is used to seal the bag for easy, clean disposal.
  • Hi-tech nonwoven composite material and combine high levels of filtration, tear resistance and low airflow resistance.
  • CT26 Bag size: 80.5X49 CM, Cardboard size: 14.5X13.5 CM, Hole diameter: 7.4 CM

Compatible Models:

Festool SC FIS-CT 26/5, CT/CTL/CTM 26, For CT 26 Dust Extractors, 496187
ENS-CT 26 AC/5, 496216, for CTL 26 AC, CTM 26 AC

Philips FC9190/01, FC9190/01 PerformerPro
Philips FC8723, FC8723 Performer Expert
Protool VCP 260 E-L AC, Protool VCP 260 E-M AC

Package:  6x dust bags.
Stock in UK, fast shipping.


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