Vacuum dust bag for Bosch Metabo ASA32 GAS 25


Vacuum cleaner dust bag filter for Bosch 2605411167, GAS 25, Metabo ASA 32, 602013000, ASA 32 L 1200W, HS A-1432, FBV 20, ASR 2025, Starmix 32


  • Perfectly adapted to the function and suction of your vacuum cleaner
  • Excellent filtration performance by * multi-layered speciality papers
  • 5-ply non-woven with dustbag closure
  • Sent out from AU location within 1 business day
  • 100% brand new

Product Details:

  • Size: 56 cm x 39 cm (L x W)
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Capacity boiler: 20L
  • Package Included: 12X Bags

Suitable Model:

Part Number: Bosch 2605411167, 2 605 411 167, Bosch GAS 25

Metabo ASA 32, 602013000, ASA 32 L 1200W All-purpose Vacuum Cleaner
ASR 25L SC, ASR 35 LACP, ASR 35 MACP, ASR 35 HACP, ASR 35 L AutoClean, ASR 35 M AutoClean, ASR 25 L SC, ASR 2025, ASA 2025, ASR 35L ACP & ASR 35M ACP
Rokamat Tapir M35, Vlastrac BDC 114, Berner BWDVC Top PERM M”3M 25L,
Eibenstcok DSS 25A, Eibenstcok DSS 35M iP, PFT M,

Hitachi RNT 1232, Hitachi RNT 1225 M, Hitachi PR250YDM(WA), Hitachi RP350 YDH(WA),
Duss, Mafell 35 M, Spit AC 1625, Spit AC 1630 P, Spit AC 1630 PM, Split AC 1630 PH, Dibo Duster 32
Starmix 32, 25, 35,NSG, NTS, HS, GS, AS 434827, FBV 20

These are high-quality generic bags, Model numbers are for reference only.


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Item will be sent out the next business day upon payment from our warehouse in the UK. We will inform you when items are sent.


12 x Bags, 6 x Bags


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