Vacuum Dust Bags For Miele Classic C1 Complete C2 C3


Dust bags are equivalent to Genuine parts numbers 10408410, 10455000, 9922750, 9917730, 10123210. Various models fit Miele Classic C1, Compact C2, Compact C3.

  • 3D Type: 3D type can provide extra capacity, this means they’ll last longer and need to be replaced less. So save money whilst vacuuming more efficiently and hygienically with microfibre bags.
  • Auto-shut Mechanism: Auto-shut mechanism can automatically close the bag when the vacuum cleaner is opened, meaning you won’t be exposed to unhygienic dirt.
  • 5 Layer Filtration Each Side (10 in Total): Help retain more fine dust and small particles than a conventional dustbag, trap more dust and allergens around the house with these 5 layer microfibre bags.

Part number:

10408410, 10455000, 9922750, 9917730, 10123210

Fit models:

Classic C1
Classic C1 Centennial Ed.
Classic C1 EcoLine
Classic C1 EcoLine Mangorot
Classic C1 EcoLine Plus
Classic C1 Electro
Classic C1 Graphitgrau CE
Classic C1 Graphitgrau RU
Classic C1 Hardfloor EcoLine
Classic C1 Junior Mangorot
Classic C1 Lavagrau
Classic C1 Special Mangorot
Classic C1 Special Sprintblau
Classic C1 Techblau CE
Classic C1 Turbo Team

Complete C2 Allergy EcoLine
Complete C2 Cat&Dog
Complete C2 Celebration. Pro
Complete C2 Celebration
Complete C2 Excellence EcoLine
Complete C2 Graphitgrau CE
Complete C2 Hardfloor Spec Mangorot
Complete C2 Hardfloor Techblau CE
Complete C2 Parquet EcoLine
Complete C2 Parquet Graphitgrau
Complete C2 Power Chilirot
Complete C2 Tango EcoLine
Complete C2 Twister

Complete C3
Complete C3 Alize Elfenbeinweiß
Complete C3 Alize Petrol
Complete C3 Allergy Com.
Complete C3 Allergy Comfort EcoLine
Complete C3 Allergy Havannabraun
Complete C3 Allergy
Complete C3 Allergy Techblau CE
Complete C3 Black Diamond EcoLine
Complete C3 Black Diamond
Complete C3 Boost Parquet
Complete C3 Boost Parquet EcoLine
Complete C3 Brilliant
Complete C3 Cat&Dog Brombeerrot CE
Complete C3 Cat&Dog PowerL. Brombeerrot
Complete C3 Cat&Dog PowerLine
Complete C3 Celebr. EcoL. P. Brombeerrot
Complete C3 Celebrat.Parq. ObsidianscCE
Complete C3 Comf. Elect. Eco.P.
Complete C3 Comfort EcoL.
Complete C3 Comfort EcoLine
Complete C3 EcoLine Mangorot
Complete C3 Comfort Edition EcoLine
Complete C3 Comfort Edition PowerLine
Complete C3 Comfort Elect. RacinggreeCE
Complete C3 Comfort Obsidianschwarz CE
Complete C3 Special PowerLine
Complete C3 TotalCare Eco. P.
Complete C3 TotalCare EcoLine
Complete C3 TotalCare Petrol CE
Complete C3 Twister Mangorot

Package includes:

  • 6 x Microfibre dustbags
  • 2 x Motor filters
  • 2 x Super air clean filters

Please note this part is a non-genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers’ names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.
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12 x Bags, 18 x Bags, 6 x Bags


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