Coffee Water Filter Cartridge for Philips Saeco CA6903


Coffee Water Filter Cartridge for Philips Saeco CA6903, CA6707, CA6903/47, 421946039401, 421944050461, HD8768 Moltio EP3550 3100 Series SUP037DR. Improves taste and aroma by removing impurities from your water.


  • Improves taste and aroma by removing impurities from your water.
  • Reduces limescale, protecting your appliance from limescale build-up.
  • The water filter extends the lifespan of your espresso machine, ensuring you can enjoy the best-tasting coffee for longer.

Package included:

water filters

Compatible with:

EP3550, 3100 Series, EP3551 3100 Series, EP4010 4000 Series, EP4050 4000 Series, EP4051 4000 Series
CA6903/00, CA6903/01, CA6903/22, CA6903/10, CA6903, CA6903/99, CA6707/00, CA6707/10, CA6903/22, CA6707, CA6903/47, 421946039401, 421944050461

SAECO HD8768, HD8769, HD8777, HD8778, HD8869, HD8886 Moltio, HD8861, HD8862, HD8865, HD8780 Minuto
HD8833, HD8836 HD8837 HD8838, HD8839, SUP037DRJ, SUP037DR, SUP037R Syntia
HD8852, Energica HD8858, HD8859, Exprelia HD8779, HD8880, HD8881, HD8887, HD8900, HD8902, HD8904, HD8906 Intelia
HD8911, HD8912, HD8913, HD8914, HD8915, HD8916, HD8917, HD8918, HD8919, HD8921, HD8922, HD9712 Incanto
HD8924, HD8925, HD8927, SM3061, PicoBaristo HD8920 Royal, HD8930 Royal
HD8943, HD8944, HD8946, HD8953, HD8954, RI9943, RI9944, RI9946, SUP038, SUP038Z Xelsis
HD8975, HD8977, HD8978 GranBaristo
RI9753, RI9754, RI9755 Odea, RI9826 Talea

Please note this part is a non-genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers’ names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.

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