Self cooling mat for dogs XL size

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XL size cooling mat for dogs and cats, enough for them to lie down completely. Help pets keep cool and relieve from panting.

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Dogs don’t sweat the way humans do, and instead of cooling down through evaporating sweat, they pants instead. But if you’ve noticed them panting more than usual, they maybe be too hot and need to cool down. Then our self-cooling mat will help you!

Cooling mat Features:

  • Non-Toxic Material – 100% Safe and clean cooling pad, the natural solution against heat and night sweats, no need for water or refilling.
  • Magic multifunctional use – Use it as a pet cushion, pillow, laptop cushion, car seat cushion, an exercise mat, foot cooling pad, seat and backrest or as a targeted cooling pad to help relieve the discomfort of overheating.
  • Foldable and Convenient – You can easily take it away. You can take it and use it anywhere without refrigeration.
  • Keep cool for hours – Cooling gel pad will help lower body temperature, providing you with hours of comfort and relief. Multiple rotations can keep you cool all the time.

How does cool mat work?

  • The inner gel of the cooling mat absorbs and dissipates heat from the body.
  • It is motion-activated and both sides can be used.
  • When the dogs lay on the mat, it will absorb the heat from dogs, they improve dog panting!
  • Please note that the Cooling Gel Mat works by absorbing the heat away from the body and into its innovative heat-absorbing gel,
  • the Cooling Gel Mat may eventually reach body temperature.
  • Should this happen, simply remove the Cooling Gel Mat until it cools again, or if you have 2 pieces, you can alternate using them.


Pet Cat Dog Puppy Mat
Pillow Therapy Insert
Yoga mat
Car / Sofa seat cushion
Laptop cushion
Mattress Cover

Product Size:

M: 30 x 40cm, Weight: 470 g
L: 50 x 60 cm, Weight: 1.5 kg
XL: 50 x 90 cm, Weight: 2.2 kg
XXL: 60 x 100 cm, Weight: 3 kg
XXXL: 75X120 cm

dog size for cooling mat

This mat has a bit of weight to it, it is generously filled with gel unlike some cheaper ones

Kindly Suggestion:
1. Do not brush the surface hardly.
2. Do not machine wash or dry clean.
3. Do not expose it under the sun for a long time.

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Dimensions 100 × 60 cm




1 review for Self cooling mat for dogs XL size

  1. Carrie Taylor

    I was sceptical at first, but this product truly works. If your dog is bright enough to figure it out, they’ll enjoy the cooling effects of sitting on the pad. My dog couldn’t figure it out at first, so we placed a thin sheet over the pad in the location where she usually sits. After a week of enjoying her regular napping spot, she now sits directly on the pad without the sheet covering. Definitely recommend this product to help your furry friend survive the hot summer.

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