Coffee Machine Brew head seal For Breville BES250S EM48119


Coffee machine Brew head seal For Breville Cafe Platinum BES250S EM48119, MS620342, BES200/62, KRUPS: XP2010, XP2070. Made Of Silicon and 100% Brand New.

In stock

  • Made Of Silicon
  • 100% Brand New
  • Send out from NSW Australia within 1 business day.

Compatible Models:

For Breville Cafe Platinum BES250S  EM48119

SUNBEAM: EM2300, EM3500, EM3600, EM3800, EM3820, EM4800, EM5400, EM5600, EM5800
KRUPS: XP2010, XP2070, XP4000, XP4020, XP4030, XP4050 Krups EXPRESSO-MAKER models XP2000, XP2010, XP2050, XP2070, XP4000, XP4020, XP4030, XP4050

Breville Cafe Roma ESP6 (including ESP6XL, BREESP6SXL and ESP6SXL)
Breville Cafe Roma ESP6S
Breville Cafe Roma ESP8 BREESP8BMRXL
Breville Cafe Roma ESP8B
Breville Cafe Roma ESP8C
Breville Cafe Roma ESP8MR
Breville Professional 800 Series 800ES
Breville Professional 800 Series 800ESC
Breville Professional 800 Series 800ESR
Breville Professional 800 Series BES820
Sunbeam Bar Espresso EM3500
Sunbeam Cafe Crema EM4800
Sunbeam Cafe Crema EM4800C
Sunbeam Cafe Espresso EM3600
Sunbeam Cafe Espresso EM3800
Sunbeam Cafe Latte EM5400
Sunbeam Cafe Latte EM5600
Sunbeam Cafe Ristretto EM2300
Sunbeam Cafe Series EM5800

800 CLASS 800ES (including 800ESR, 800ESC, 800ESG, BRE800ESXL, 800ESXL)
Breville 800ESXL
Breville Bar Vista BES200
Breville Venezia BES250
Breville Cafe Platinum BES250S
Breville Cafe Venezia BES230
Kambrook KES150

Package Included:

2X Group Head Seals

Note: These bags are non-original. However, Model numbers are for reference only, these are high-quality generic seals.

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